Changemakers UnLtd was set up in 2014 as a learning & development consultancy and training provider. Today we deliver multidisciplinary programming across various fields including, diversity and belonging, global learning, race and resistance, youth participation, and community cohesion. 

Our work centers on pedagogies for 'community building', bringing diverse groups of people into shared spaces, particularly around challenging issues, to engage hearts and minds, and create change. We design positive learning spaces which can hold the complex emotions of our participants and support their thinking in an engaging, expert and deeply educative way.

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We do this through a blended offer, which begins with dialogue, followed by coaching and training.

The group work we produce consistently responds to current challenges, based on critical thinking and enquiry around values, power, privilege, equity and anti-oppression concepts. 

This involves deepening participants’ critical thinking, disrupting narratives and challenging long-held beliefs, while acknowledging we are all at different points in the journey of unlearning bias.

Participants are supported, at both practice and policy levels, to reflect on and input changes in their own lives and across their organisations.

If the structure does not permit dialogue the structure must be changed

Paulo Freire