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Our work centers on pedagogies for 'community building', bringing diverse groups of people into shared spaces, particularly around challenging issues, to engage hearts and minds, and create change. We design positive learning spaces which can hold the complex emotions of our participants and support their thinking in an engaging, expert and deeply educative way.


We do this through a blended offer, starting with dialogue, followed by coaching & training. The group work we produce responds to current challenges, based on critical thinking & enquiry around values, power, privilege, equity & anti-oppression concepts. 


By disrupting narratives, challenging long-held beliefs & acknowledging that participants are at different stages of unlearning bias, we support teams at practice & policy levels to reflect on & input changes in their own lives & organisations. Our work combines reflective, directive, exploratory & participative techniques.



We support individual, families and community groups to engage in conversations around social justice, identity and equality. Workshops combine heartfelt conversations & play to develop curiosity and collaborative thinking.



Our schools’ programmes focus on advancing  equity and inclusion so spaces of teaching and learning are spaces of belonging and opportunity for all, while exploring the ways oppression and inequities intersect in our lived realities. We support schools to work with all stakeholders while aligning with their moral purpose. 

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Using a range of organisational development models and tools, we support organisations who are re-examining practices and policies through a diversity & inclusion lens, in order to embed core principles of equity & belonging. We provide leaders & staff space to  reflect and assess on their organisation's culture and systems, in order to understand how this might influence their outcomes, both at  individual and organisational level.


Almost for the first time outside my immediate circle of family and friends I began to feel it was okay to open my mouth, that I wouldn’t be judged on what I said about the subject so much as valued for my participation. This is so important at a time when wokeness seems to risk having the effect of closing down discussion rather than engaging people in open reflection and learning about important issues


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